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What Is RISE?

RISE by Bluesight Studio offers small businesses and start-ups a cost-effective solution to getting a business online and providing a platform that is ready to grow alongside your business. As well as a website you will also receive monthly assistance with SEO to help your business be discovered by your ideal target customers.

What's Included?

RISE by Bluesight Studio includes both a WordPress website to get your business online, a digital marketing strategy and assistance to help your business get found and access to a team of experts to give you advice and support when needed to ensure you don't take a step in the wrong direction. 

Website Details

A WordPress Website designed to scale with your business.

WordPress is an adaptable CMS that can be adapted to facilitate the needs and requirements of a variety of businesses, from online stores, to local services, whatever your business WordPress can facilitate its digital needs.

While we start you off with a simple one page website & blogging capabilities, this is just the beginning! You can expand your site over time and create new pages, all with Bluesight Studio at your side to facilitate your needs and requirements.

Adapted to match your brand.

All Rise by Bluesight Studio websites are based on our own bespoke template that can be adapted to match your brand, that means custom fonts, colours and more. 

You even get a fully bespoke hero section unique to your website to capture your users attention right away!

A one-pager to get started.

Rather than getting bogged down in endless pages of content, most small business just need to let a user know the basics and the easiest way to do this is with a simple, single page site. 

This can then be grown in future with the assistance of Bluesight Studios experts, or if your feeling up to it, we can show you how.

A variety of blocks to build with.

Your website will be built from a selection of premade blocks using your brands colours and fonts. The blocks can be placed in any order and used multiple times giving you the freedom to update and add content whenever suits you.

Support + Hosting.

Included in the price is support and hosting for your first year. So if you aren't tech savvy and require a helping hand with adding or changing content, then you can just get in touch and request we make the change for you.

Digital Marketing Details

Kicking off your digital marketing strategy.

As part of your monthly payment you will also receive assistance from our digital marketing experts. 

Our team of digital marketing experts will pave the way for your business to be discovered by those looking for what you offer.

SEO assistance.

Understanding what keywords your ideal customers are searching, and then ensuring your website is at the top of that list is something of a dark art. Our digital marketing experts will be there to guide you and assist with creating content and strategies to get your business found.

Google My Business setup + optimisation.

If your business serves your local area then ensuring your Google My Business Profile is set up correctly and optimised can ensure that Google's own platforms can serve up your business where applicable.

Keyword Optimised Posts

Your website will include the functionality to write blog posts.  You will receive 2 keyword optimised, expertly written posts per month to make your website appeal to Google and get them to push you up the rankings.

Social Media Graphics Templates

To help in growing your social media presence you will be provided with a number of graphic templates that can be edited by you to share with your followers and aid your social media growth.


Pricing for RISE by Bluesight Studios starts from £300 or $600AUD per month for 12 months.

After the initial 12 month period you will no longer have the monthly payments and instead just pay the ongoing hosting fees. 

We will have a consultation call to see how your business has developed and aid you in making the decision on where to take your digital marketing from there.
If your business requires the addition of extra functionality outside of what is included in the template, this will be priced accordingly and your monthly payments may be a little more.
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RISE | Standard - £300 / $600AUD per month

12 Months

Our standard package is perfect for small business or start ups who need a digital platform to showcase your services, tell users who you are and display general business information.

RISE | E-Commerce - £350 / $700AUD per month

12 Months

If your business requires the ability to sell products to customers online then opting for our WooCommerce e-commerce package will provide you the platform to do so. 

Bespoke Solutions

If you are looking for an entirely bespoke website and digital marketing solution to represent and promote your business and have a greater budget to achieve this, then follow the link below.
Bespoke Solutions with Bluesight Studio

RISE vs. DIY Website Builders

The temptation when starting a business is to keep costs low is common, and while we understand this, using a DIY solutions can cause headaches in the long run and can actually end up costing more over time due to either being completely locked down (unless you pay for premium add-ons) or due to your business outgrowing the platform and needing to go to an web agency to get a custom site developed.


While WIX is a great platform for many small businesses and has enticing pricing to get you in the door, once you are in that door you are at the mercy of their pricing and what they choose to let you have access to. Not forgetting that if WIX decide to shut up shop tomorrow, your website goes with them. 

RISE by Bluesight Studio utilises an open-source CMS system called WordPress. Due to it being open source there will never be any worries that your website could just disappear, giving you the confidence to build your business and invest in a service that is not reliant on another business


Squarespace offers a great way of getting your business up online and promotes its ease of use features. Despite its ease of use, Squarespace has its limitations and as your business grows it is likely your digital needs will start to outgrow what Squarespace can offer. 

Due to Rise by Bluesight Studio using WordPress, your website will be able to scale with your business. WordPress offers a huge number of plugins that can provide various functionalities to your website meaning that starting with a WordPress website means you will never have to switch to another platform in future and start from scratch.


GoDaddy is primarily a domain seller and it is likely that you have purchased a domain through GoDaddy in the past. While purchasing a domain GoDaddy will also try to get you onboard with their website builder. The GoDaddy Website Builder is extremely limited and like Squarespace will soon leave you wanting more for your business.

Rise by Bluesight Studio gives you a solid foundation to build your digital presence on while also giving you room to expand and grow your business without needing to do a 100% reset on all your work when inevitably outgrowing the GoDaddy Website Builder.

All DIY Website Builders

All DIY Website builders require YOU to put in the legwork, from deciding how each page should be laid out, colours, fonts, and do not offer much digital marketing knowledge to actually help your business be discovered by users.

All website builders have a perpetual subscription which when you stop paying, spells the end for your website and all the work you have put into it. RISE by Bluesight is only a 12 Month contract - After the initial period your monthly payments will go down to simply cover the hosting and support fees. 

Rise by Bluesight Studio, is here to take this hassle off your hands giving you time to focus on actually running your business. With a team of experienced digital marketing professionals with experience in design, development, SEO and marketing we do the hard work, and consult you in key decision areas.

Access to all Bluesight Studio Services

By choosing to work with an agency from the beginning of your digital venture, you will not only receive support and hosting as an ongoing service, but will also have access to a variety of services Bluesight Studio offer. 

Creative Services

Logo Design + Branding

You may be starting a new business or have a need to solidify your existing branding. Bluesight Studio has got you covered in both scenarios. We design memorable visual identities that resonate and appeal to your users and leave a lasting impression.

Print Design

Once you have your new website up and running you are likely going to need business cards, packaging design or perhaps even a wrap for your fleet of vehicles. We offer print design services allowing you to have all design requirements fulfilled in one place.
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Website Services

Bespoke WordPress Website Development

As your business grows, you are likely going to require the addition of various functionalities to your website. If your business requires additional templates designed from the ground up with your goals in mind, its just a case of us adding this to your existing Rise website. No need to start again from scratch.

Search Engine Optimisation

While we offer 12 Months of SEO work for your website, after the initial 12 months you may want to continue using our SEO services to continue the growth of your website.
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If RISE by Bluesight Studio sounds ideal for your small or start up business then please fill out the form below and one of representatives will be in touch to discuss your options and aid you in answering any questions you may have.