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Start up advice | Using the right online channels

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Drive Conversions With Your Company Website Build Authority and Community Via Social Media

As a start-up founder chasing rapid growth with limited resources and cash, your marketing strategy needs to fuel maximum impact fast. But between blogs hyping viral growth hacks to expensive traditional ads, the sheer volume of options just creates more chaos and clutter.

To cut through the noise and see results in today's digital-first world, focus your efforts on three essential online channels: your company website, social media, and strategic content marketing. Together they provide an interconnected foundation  to cost-effectively attract and engage your ideal target customers.

Drive Conversions With Your Company Website

A custom-designed company website optimised around your product or service and ideal buyer personas is no longer optional - it's essential. Consider your site the 24/7 sales hub allowing you to delight potential new customers on their terms around the clock, moving them towards conversion on your schedule.

Keep visitors engaged and information-rich pages focused on clearly communicating your value proposition, solving pain points, product features, and customer stories. Calls-to-action to trials, demos, or purchases should be clear and visible. Continuously test and optimise page layout, text, visuals, and flows based on hard conversion data.

With a smart website strategy, you control the narrative and consistently move customers through your sales funnel cost-effectively while gathering valuable customer intelligence through analytics.

Build Authority and Community Via Social Media

While earned media exposure in mainstream publications may be largely out of reach as a young company, social media provides a way to tap into relevant conversations - and highly engaged audiences - for free.

Strategically use platforms like X, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. where your personas are already active. Share company updates, insider perspectives, industry commentary, and conversation starters to provide value while subtly promoting your brand. Engage influencers and happy customers to become advocates by sharing your content within their networks for extended organic reach.

Done right, social media generates brand awareness, goodwill and trust to make sales conversations much easier while incubating loyal brand advocates.

Spotlight Value Through Content

While press releases may get ignored, well-crafted and optimised digital content allows start-ups to attract and engage potential customers by consistently highlighting value. Share behind-the-scenes insights, product use cases, customer success stories, industry trends and other topics valuable to your audience base.

Promote new blog posts, videos, podcasts etc through all your channels. Insert target keywords and continuously refine based on search volume and conversion outcomes. Over time, you'll organically capture more search real estate and traffic.

The combined authority and engagement across your own media channels has a compounding effect, raising brand visibility and credibility in your niche.

Get Growing Today

While new channels and tactics will emerge, mastering high-impact essentials is vital for sustainable start-up growth. Optimised websites fuel 24/7 conversions. Social media expands reach and advocacy. Targeted content spotlights value. Pursue all three from day one and amplify your start-up's success.

Posted: November 28, 2023 
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