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Prahan Website Design & Development

Bespoke website design and development services

Elevate your business with seasoned website developers in Prahan, Melbourne. We build powerful websites using WordPress. We strive to ensure the work we do has a strong impact and achieves success for your business.
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Why work with Bluesight Studio?


We are WordPress experts

We provide a comprehensive range of digital marketing services to enhance your online presence. Our team of skilled WordPress experts can bring your ideas to life and help you achieve your digital marketing goals. With our experience in digital marketing, we ensure to fully understand your business to deliver precise and creative solutions.


We work in collaboration with you

At Bluesight Studio, we value collaboration. We'll guide you through every step of the website development process, ensuring you understand each phase and can provide input on the design and functionality of your site. Let's work together to create something extraordinary.


Ongoing support 

At Bluesight Studio, our partnership extends far beyond project completion. You receive more than just a WordPress website; we provide ongoing support for your business website to evolve and thrive with you. Additionally, we offer a range of services, including SEO, Social Media Management, and design services, making us your one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs.

Why choose WordPress?

Enhance your online presence with the versatile capabilities of WordPress, the CMS powering 45.8% of the internet. Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses in Prahran seeking user-friendly content management. Our team is prepared to craft a tailored WordPress website that meets a variety of unique goals and requirements. We collaborate with you throughout the WordPress development process to ensure your new website helps you achieve your business objectives.

Search-engine friendly

WordPress simplifies the process of creating content that ranks on Google, making it easier for your customers to find you!

Limitless options

No matter what your business offers, a WordPress website can meet a wide range of requirements, including brochure-style websites, e-commerce solutions, and more.

Mobile responsive

Ensure that your customers can visit your website and have an excellent user experience across a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

Easy to manage

The WordPress CMS simplifies site management, allowing you to add new pages, blog posts, or products at your convenience.

Safe and secure

We ensure you and your users are safe when viewing your site using built in tools that protect your site 24/7.

Designed for your brand

WordPress allows web experts to craft custom themes, enabling us to align your business website with your brand and create user journeys that lead to conversions.

WordPress services we provide

WordPress custom theme development

We specialise in creating unique WordPress themes custom-designed to perfectly match the rest of your branding, ensuring a superb user experience. We collaborate with you throughout the web design process.

WordPress website audits

Not sure if you need a new website? Sometimes, all it takes are a few tweaks or updates to your media and copy. Let us take a look, and we'll advise you on the next steps to take.

WordPress training and support

We provide training and ongoing support for WordPress, enabling you to manage your website independently. However, if you prefer, we are more than capable of managing it for you.

WordPress website hosting

We offer high-quality WordPress hosting through our trusted hosting partner. With our hosting service, we monitor everything happening behind the scenes to ensure your website is consistently available for your users.

WordPress on-page SEO

After building your new website, it's essential to consider how customers will find you. We provide Search Engine Optimisation solutions to help your website rank organically for search terms your ideal customer is searching for.

Pay per click campaigns

Seeking immediate web traffic? Consider investing in PPC campaigns to appear at the top of relevant Google searches and drive traffic to your site.
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"Bluesight Studio has been our go to for all our graphic design needs. From website building, logo design, packaging designs and promotional material - Keir has always delivered exceptional quality in a timely manner. Along with creating how-to videos for the less tech savvy among us, so we could play around in our own time."
Sarah Graham - Passel Foods

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Premium WordPress plugins as standard

As a standard practice, we typically include the following high-quality plugins. However, the specific plugins may vary depending on the project's needs.
Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Logo

Advanced Custom Fields

Allows the management and creation of new custom fields, post types and taxonomies to allow the creation of highly customised and dynamic websites.
WPMUDEV SmartCrawl Pro logo

Smart Crawl Pro

Streamline the process of improving website visibility and performance on search engines. Leverage its user-friendly interface and powerful tools to enhance SEO and overall site optimization.
WPMUDEV Hummingbird Pro logo

Hummingbird Pro

Speeds up websites by offering features such as file compression, browser caching, and performance monitoring. This ensures your website loads quickly and delivers a great user experience.
Smush Pro logo

Smush Pro

A powerful image optimisation tool that automatically compresses and resizes images without compromising their quality. Additional features include lazy loading and bulk optimization
WPMUDEV Defender Pro logo

Defender Pro

Defender Pro aids website admins to take proactive measures in ensuring the integrity and protection of their site. Includes firewall protection, malware scanning, and login attempt monitoring.
WPMUDEV Forminator Pro logo

Forminator Pro

Empowers you to create engaging and functional forms for various purposes, such as contact forms, surveys, and quizzes. With integrations, payment options, and advanced form analytics

Integrate your WordPress website with other software

Your website will likely need talk with other systems your business uses. Due to the vast amount of businesses utilising WordPress there are hundreds of integrations that can be easily incorporated such as those listed below.

Google Analytics Logo

Google Analytics

Eventbrite logo - a lowercase e at a slight angle on an orange background


SEMRush Logo


AHRefs Logo


Mailchimp Logo


Google Search Console Logo

Google Search Console

Google Ads logo - a green yellow and blue line that looks like an A

Google Ads

WooCommerce Logo - White Speech bubble with the word Woo written in it.


Youtube logo - White triangle pointing right on a red rounded rectangle


Linked in logo - A white rounded square with the white letter 'in' inside the square.


Facebook logo - a lowercase F on a blue background


X logo - an X on a black background


ZOHO Logo - a red, blue, green and yellow square intersecting one another horizontally.


Zapier Logo - An orange asterix


Hotjar logo - an orange background with 2 wavy lines representing smoke rising


+ More


Many agencies that build and produce are very secretive about their pricing, at Bluesight Studio we have no reason to be and believe that being open about our pricing is vital to building a business relationship that can be trusted.

Website design and development costs can vary due to the nature of bespoke projects, there is no ‘one size fits all’ price. Treat the advertised prices below as a guide. If you would like a detailed quote specifically for your business then please get in touch or use our website cost calculator to get an accurate quote.

$12K - $20k
£6k - £10k+
Website built on WordPress CMS
Mobile Responsive
2 - 3 Months
2 - 3 Months
Training Manual
Bespoke Design
Client Collaboration
Design Amendment Rounds
Powered by WooCommerce
Powered by WooCommerce
Training Session
Content Upload
Core Pages
All Pages
Priority Project
Custom SEO Titles and Descriptions
Special Functionality
Support Retainer
Hosting Retainer

Small Business or Start-up and looking for a more cost effective solution?

We know not all businesses are in a position to invest a heap of cash into a website development project. Or you don't have the time to learn the ins-and-outs of a website building tool.

If that sounds like you, look at RISE by Bluesight, a 12 month subscription offering starting at £300 / $600AUD per month.

RISE provides a cost effective way of putting your business online using while still using WordPress as CMS. Allowing your digital presence to grow as you do. 

View Rise by bluesight

The WordPress website design and development process

1. Discovery meeting for your website project

Before we start any project, we must first understand what it is you are trying to achieve through having a new website. This background research will help us to give you an accurate proposal and will inform how much investment will be required.

To achieve this we will have a meeting either at your premises in Prahan or via a video call where we will chat about your business to understand your goals and objectives, what your business does, and who are the users we want to try and appeal to. 

From here we will go away and put together a project proposal that includes information on various aspects of the project, this will include details about how many custom templates will be provided to facilitate the websites functionality, what additional plugins may be required outside of our standard set, and also the investment required for the project.

2. Planning your website

Once the website project proposal has been signed off on we will then put together a sitemap.

A sitemap is a diagram that is laid out in a hierarchal structure. It outlines what pages will be included on the website and where they will sit in relation to other pages. 

Once the sitemap has been agreed, we will then move onto creating wireframes for each of the templates that will have been defined in the project proposal. A wireframe is a basic outline of what will be included on each template and allows us to ensure that all functionality has been achieved. We create wireframes before moving onto high fidelity prototypes as they allow us to work without the distraction of colour, fonts and other decorative website elements.

3. High fidelity prototypes

Once the website planning phase has been complete, we will move onto creating two high fidelity prototypes for your homepage. A prototype is a static design that will represent what your website will look like once it has been developed.

By providing you with a couple of design directions we hope that one of them will be something that captures your interest. We provide a couple of rounds of refinement to allow you to provide feedback and get to a point where both yourselves and Bluesight Studio are happy to proceed. 

Once the homepage template design has been signed off, we will then apply the same styling to the remaining number of templates outlined in the project proposal, these usually include at least the following; Contact Page, Blog Archive, Blog Post, Core Template. Other templates are likely necessary and will be added to meet your websites needs. We provide an opportunity to give feedback on all templates before they go into development. 


4. Development process

Now that all the designs for your website have been agreed upon, it is time to take those static designs and turn them into a fully functioning WordPress Website.

This is a process known as development, it requires the use of 3 main coding languages (HTML, CSS & JS). The development process usually takes around 3-4 weeks depending on how many templates are requires and how complex the website designs are. 

5. Content creation

While the website development takes place, this is a great opportunity for you to start putting your content together and planning where all your copy, images and other media files will be shown on the website.

Content creation and copywriting can either be done by yourself or Bluesight Studio have a network of Photographers, Copywriters and other creators who can provide their services for an additional fee.

6. Testing and content upload

After the website development process and the content creation has been complete, we will begin to take all the content provided and start to upload it into the website. While we upload the content we will also be checking to see if there are any bugs or glitches that arise and will ensure these issues are resolved to ensure your new WordPress website looks slick and functions smoothly. Once we are happy with the website we will then send a link to you allowing you access to the development site so you can perform your own internal testing and report back. You can also let us know if you want any of the content tweaked.

7. Website launch and training

Once you are 100% happy with your new website, we will then perform the process of redirecting your old site to the new version. We only do this early on in the working week, this ensures that if there are any issues with the site after launch we are available to fix any mishaps, this safeguards your brand image and ensures that no business is lost on your end. 

Either just prior or after the website launch, we will provide you with a training session via a video call. This session will run through the backend controls of your WordPress website and gives you the freedom to edit content and add new pages without the need to come to us. Although if you are ever uncomfortable with editing your website, we are more than happy to lend a helping hand. 

As standard we provide 2 months of free support post launch to give you peace of mind if anything arises that should not, we are on hand to provide our expertise. We also provide support retainers that are billed annually.


WordPress is a versatile and user-friendly Content Management System. It empowers you with control, flexibility, and a vast range of plugins for your custom needs.

Timelines vary based on project complexity. We provide tailored estimates during our initial consultation to ensure realistic expectations. A custom designed and developed WordPress website will take 3 months on average.

We only take on complete site redesigns, why? If we receive a website that has been worked on by a different agency, it can make it hard to provide ongoing support.

Yes, we provide continuous support and maintenance services to keep your website running smoothly and up to date.

We include SEO best practices into our development process. This ensures your website is well-optimized for search engines from the start. We also offer SEM (Search Engine Marketing) solutions including on-page SEO services and paid ads. These additional services allow the greatest possibility allowing your your newly built website can be discovered by users on Google.

Certainly. Whether you need a simple online store or a robust e-commerce platform, we tailor WordPress to meet your specific needs.

Being local allows us to understand the local market of Prahan intricately, tailoring your website to resonate with the local audience. It also allows us the option of visiting your business to fully understand what your brand is about.

Reach out through our contact form, and let's book in a call to discuss your project, goals, and how we can bring your vision to life.

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