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Website cost | how much should I invest?

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Embarking on the journey of creating a website is an investment in your digital presence and overall marketing strategy, but how much does a website cost in Melbourne, Australia?

Costs for a Melbourne business website*

  • Small Business Website - $3000AUD
  • Small Business Website with Digital Marketing Strategy - £7000AUD
  • Conversion Focussed Site - $12,000AUD
  • E-commerce Website - $15,000AUD
  • Custom Feature Rich Site - $20,000AUD

*Please note all costs are ball-park figures, and all website agencies charge different amounts for their services and their offerings may be slightly different. To receive an accurate quote get in touch with website agencies and they will discuss your needs and requirements with you to give you an accurate cost. You can use our website cost estimation tool to get a rough idea of how much a website would cost for your business.

Identifying the type of website you require

The first step in determining how much you should be looking to invest in your website entirely depends on what you will be using it for. If you are a small business and just need somewhere to show your contact details and a few photos then your website will cost far less than a website for a blue-chip organisation. Have a read below to get an idea for what type of website you will require for your business.

(a) Simple, Small Business Website

If your business focuses on a handful of services or products and doesn't involve online sales, a simple website serves as the perfect online business card. Acting as a virtual storefront, this site allows visitors to explore your offerings and learn more about your business. Ideal for small local businesses, this straightforward approach establishes a foundational online presence.

If this sounds like you, check out RISE by Bluesight - Starting at $600AUD Per Month for a 12 month period. Rise is a WordPress website and digital marketing solution designed to not only get your business online but also to start your SEO journey. We also provide an E-commerce option that starts at $700AUD per month.

(b) Conversion-Focused Business Site

For businesses aiming to attract a consistent flow of new clients, a polished website designed for conversions is essential. This type of site not only showcases your previous work but is strategically set up to convert visitors into customers. Particularly effective for service-focused small businesses, this approach ensures your digital storefront is optimized for lead generation. This type of website is great for businesses such as Architects, Lawyers and other Professional Services.

(c) Basic Ecommerce Site

If your goal is to sell products or services online and facilitate transactions through your website, an e-commerce site is what you're looking for. Distinguished by features such as a product database, shopping cart functionality, and payment gateway integration, this type of website provides a seamless online shopping experience for your customers.

(d) Custom Feature-Rich Site

For large businesses seeking to differentiate themselves, a custom feature-rich site is the way to go. This involves a unique design and site-specific features tailored to your business requirements. From specially-made plugins to enterprise-level database integration and innovative web applications, this type of website positions your business as a leader in your industry.

Template or Bespoke

Bespoke WordPress Themes

Another factor that will affect the cost of a website is if you decide to go down the route of bespoke theme development that is unique to your business and optimised to deliver clear user journeys to your users resulting in higher conversion rates. A bespoke theme is likely to be more expensive but can pay for itself in an increased conversions rate.

Tailored Themes Starting at $12,000

At Bluesight Studio, we take pride in our commitment to originality. Our bespoke websites start at $12,000, ensuring your online presence is distinctive and aligned with your brand. Unlike generic off-the-shelf templates, our custom built themes are designed with your business goals and requirements in mind ensuring a great experience for your users and aiding in your business growth.

Template Themes

The alternative option to a bespoke theme, is to opt for a prebuilt template theme, while being cheaper it is important to note that templates are designed to be generic and work for a variety of businesses so be careful when choosing this route and ensure that the template you choose has all the functionality your website may require. You may require a developer to add functionality to a theme in future if your website needs change.

Certain themes are free, but the average cost for a generic theme can range from $100 - $200.

Ongoing domain, hosting and support costs

Having a website requires ongoing investment, and monthly / annual payments to cover the costs of ensuring your website is always running at peak performance and available to your users. You will require a server to host your website, a domain name and a support agreement with whomever builds your website to fix any issues that occur over time.

Domain Name Costs

On average a domains will cost around $10 - $50 per annum. Choosing a domain is more than a technicality; it's a strategic marketing move. Choosing a domain name that resonates with Melbourne audiences and incorporates relevant keywords can enhance local SEO, connecting you with your target audience more effectively.

Hosting Costs

Hosting in Australia can be as cheap as $10 per month, which is ideal for a small start-up with little traffic, if your business website has many hundreds of views per day all happening simultaneously you can expect to be paying $100+ per month. Our hosting services are provided by WPMUDEV and ensure fast loading user experiences, and use servers based in Australia to positively impact your website's ranking on local search engine results.

Website Support Costs

Investing in a website is an ongoing commitment. Regular updates and maintenance are key to keeping your Melbourne website at its best. Our team ensures your website evolves with your business and stays ahead of the competition. Depending on how complex your website is, you may require more or less ongoing support. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars annually for support.

Posted: September 5, 2023 

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